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Master Poisoner 2/2
Reduces the chance your poisons will be resisted by 4% and increases your chance to resist Poison effects by an additional 30%

Deadened Nerves 5/5
Decreases all physical damage taken by 5%

Find Weakness 5/5
Your finishing moves increases the damage of all offensive abilities by 10% for 10 sec.

Mutilate 1/1
60 Energy
Requires Daggers
Instantly attacks with both weapons. Has an additional 30% chance to critically hit against Poisoned targets. Must be behind the target. Awards 2 combo points.

Vitality 2/2
Increases your total Stamina by 4%

Nerves of Steel
Increases your chance to resist Stun and fear effects by an additional 10%

Blade Twisting 5/5
Gives your Sinister Strike, Backstab, Gouge and Shiv abilities a 25% chance to Daze the target for 8 sec

Surprise Attacks 1/1
Your Sinister Strike, Backstab and Gouge abilities can no longer be dodged.

Enveloping Shadow 3/3
Increases your chance to avoid area of effect by an additional 15%

Cheat Death 5/5
You have a 20% chance to completely avoid any damaging attack that would otherwise kill you. (OMG!!!!!!!)

Sinister Calling 5/5
Increases your Agility by 10%

Cloak of Shadows 1/1
Instant 2 min cooldown
Increases your chance to resist all spells by 90% for
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