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> Понравилось - стишог, сперто с офф.форума
Пост #1 (Всего #138019); Дата 25.12.2006 - 14:39  Понравилось - стишог, сперто с офф.форума
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A Rogue's Creed

I do not hide in darkness - I am the darkness itself.
I do not burden myself with heavy armor - Instead I shall remain quick and nimble.
I do not corrupt my soul for demonic power - I have no soul to corrupt for it was lost long ago.
I do not rely on a pet to fight for me while I remain afar- Instead I must feel my opponent's blood upclose.
I have no magic or totems to utilize in combat - My blades are enough to sustain me in battle.
I do not rely on divine aid to shield me in my time of need - Divinity has abandonded my cause.

I am the cold breeze behind your neck right before you feel my blades in your back.
I am the unknown factor when you enter a shadowed room.
My blood is venom, and it coarses through my steel, and unto your own veins.
My band of shadow brothers are all one - Despite the differences - I shall respect them.

I am Fear - I am Uncertainty - I am Paranoia

I Am A Rogue - And this I shall never forget.

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